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Meet the next generation of Sygic GPS Navigation


For information about the Android version, click here.

Introducing new, completely redesigned
Sygic GPS Navigation app

We’ve gone over every screen and every feature to make the navigation experience exceptional, the maps more beautiful, the search simple and comfortable. We are happy to bring you the best Sygic app yet.

Coming soon to your iPhone as a free update

If you’re an existing iPhone or iPad user the new app will be delivered to you as an update. Some of our iOS apps have already received this update and further updates will be released
in the next few months.

Powerful features, simplified.

New map-centric approach & comfortable search

To help you get underway faster, we built the new application with maps & search on the basic screen.
Now you can enter the address into a single field and easily find whatever you are looking for.

New search

Quickly accessible from the map, whenever
you launch the app.

Enter the address into one field

Simply enter Country, City or Zip Code
and Street, house number.

Quick search

Tap on X to clear the field and enter what to look for.

Copy & paste

Tap on X to clear the field then copy &
paste the address or GPS coordinates.

Enter GPS coordinates

Enter GPS coordinates separated by comma. You can also
copy & paste coordinates into the field.

Your favorites, contacts and history are just a tap away

Our new app is designed to let you quickly access all important information without going through clunky menus.
Now you can access your contacts, favorites or history easily from the search field.

Easily access favorites,
history and contacts

Tap on the ribbon in the search field
and choose from listed options.

Add new favorites
or Home address

To add a new favorite look-up POI or address
and tap on the blue location marker on the map.

On the "Location" screen tap on the "star" icon
to add as favorite or „home“ to add as home address.

New route overview - all essential
information on a single screen

The new route overview lets you easily customize your routes. Now you can switch between different route
alternatives, add waypoints or avoid motorways and toll roads on a single screen.

Route alternatives

To switch between route alternatives simply swipe
from right to left or tap on different routes.

Avoid motorways, toll roads

To avoid motorways, toll roads, ferries or unpaved roads plan your route and drag down on the gray bar on top of the screen, then select what to avoid.

Add waypoints

To add a new waypoint drag down the "list" icon under the search field, then tap on the "flag" and enter your waypoint. To add another waypoint just tap on the flag again.

New ways to customize your app
with add-on features

With these powerful add-on features you can enjoy top-notch navigation experience without compromise.
Project navigation instruction onto the windshield with Head-up Display or record what’s
happening on the road while navigating with BlackBox.

Head-up Display

Plan your route and tap Navigate. Tap on the map and enter menu. Launch Head-up Display.

Once the Head-up display is running tap on the screen and flip the Head-up display to mirror mode.
Place your device under the windshield and you are ready to hit the road.


Turn on Blackbox
Tap on the map, enter the menu and launch BlackBox. The camera will start recoding - a red REC symbol will be flashing on the navigation screen.

Watch the BlackBox video


Save a video
To save a video, tap on the BlackBox icon on the map, on the next screen tap on the Save icon. The video of the last 5 minutes will be saved in your phone gallery.


Check the camera angle
To check if the camera angle is right tap
on the BlackBox icon on the map.


Stop recording
To stop recording return to menu and tap
on the BlackBox icon again.

Imported POI

You can import your own Points of interest into the
application and customize the app. Please visist to learn more.

For a complete user guide please click here.

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